Keltruck Strenghtens Partnership with Dauson

Dauson Environmental Group Strengthens Partnership with Keltruck


1st July 2024


Dauson Environmental Group has once again chosen Keltruck to enhance our fleet.

Richard Woodland, Account Manager of Keltruck, Cardiff, facilitated the supply of new vehicles to Dauson's South Wales-based fleets, commented,


"Thank you to Dauson Environmental Group for their continued loyalty to Keltruck and Scania. I was delighted to assist with Dauson’s further expansion by arranging the delivery of their latest batch of new trucks out of an order of 26 tippers, five hookloaders, and two skiploaders."


The latest tippers delivered to Neal Soil Suppliers feature Scania’s new, high-level, heavy-duty air filtration system—the first of their kind supplied in the UK. Atlantic Recycling ordered the five hookloaders and two 18-ton skiploaders with drawbar couplings, all equipped with Hyva equipment fitted and serviced by Reload Systems. Additionally, Dauson Environmental Group acquired multiple tractor units, with eight Scania R500 XT twin tag tractor units going into service last year.

Dauson use in the ongoing supply of Scania vehicles by Keltruck is expected to continue, especially following the introduction of their ultra-efficient ‘Scania Super’ engines, which have already resulted in a remarkable 20% improvement in fuel efficiency, significantly enhancing operational cost-effectiveness.  In response to Keltrucks press release, Scott Haines, Transport manager for the group commented:


"We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Keltruck. The quality of the Scania vehicles and the exceptional service provided by the Keltruck team have been instrumental in our operational success. The new additions to our fleet, especially the Scania Super engines, have significantly boosted our efficiency and reduced our environmental impact. We look forward to many more years of successful collaboration."


Click here for Keltruck's full Press Release


This revised press release highlights the collaboration and mutual benefits between Dauson Environmental Group and Keltruck, emphasising the ongoing commitment to quality and efficiency in their operations.

Dauson Statement: Channel 4 Dispatches

Statement following Channel 4 Dispatches “Rubbish Tip Britain” first broadcast on Friday 21st June 2024

Date: 26th June 2024


Dauson Environmental Group is extremely disappointed with the tone, context, and content of the Channel 4 Dispatches “Rubbish Tip Britain” despite providing comprehensive information to the Production Company before broadcast.

Dauson Environmental Group employs over 250 people across Wales and contributes around £50m every year to the Welsh economy. The value at the core of our business is to clean up the environment, and as a business we are committed to recycling, redevelopment, and regeneration and are proud to provide a significant contribution to the total amount of waste recycling in Wales.

Waste management, by its very nature, is a highly regulated industry. Dauson Environmental Group is committed to maintaining these high standards of environmental management and transparency. We therefore regularly and openly engage with Natural Resources Wales and other appropriate stakeholders.


Withyhedge Landfill Site


Since the purchase of the site in 2022, Dauson Environmental Group has invested over £5m at the site in order to make significant improvements. We are unable to comment on activities relating to the site prior to our ownership. This includes alleged receipt of hazardous medical waste.

We are confident that the issue of odour has been resolved. In consultation with NRW, we have implemented measures to ensure that any odour from the site is minimised and does not affect the surrounding community.

We once again apologise for the impact this has had on local residents and our community.

However, whilst the broadcast stated that Public Health Wales has recently said that “hydrogen sulphide levels had exceeded safe levels”, in fact the levels recorded have only exceeded those associated with odour nuisance, not safety thresholds.

It should also be noted that Public Health Wales’ statement relates to a snapshot from approximately three months ago when samples were tested. Independent sampling and testing has been taking place for some time and we welcome updated sampling and testing to reassure the community.

Having reviewed footage of the alleged leachate leak captured by drone footage, we can advise that this shows a discharge into a containment ditch for surface water collection, and not into a waterway. This was not reported as such in the broadcast.

We understand that NRW is investigating water pollution in the area more generally which is likely to involve a number of local operators as well as other facilities further upstream. It is inappropriate to comment further until the investigation is concluded.


Waste Management 


Withyhedge Landfill site does not knowingly accept non-conforming waste. This includes plasterboard, wood, tyres, and metal girders; Our waste acceptance procedures are stringent to prevent such materials from entering our site.

Our leachate is managed in strict accordance with our leachate management plan. We should make clear that the re-circulation of leachate is an accepted practice and not a violation of our permit. In addition, in excess of 35,000 tonnes of leachate has been removed from site in the past 12 months for treatment.

We are not aware of any ongoing inquiry into waste mis-categorisation or tax improprieties; however, we are committed to working with regulators to address any issues that may arise.

It should be noted that the claim in the programme that a typical artic load is between 30 and 40 tonnes is incorrect. The average load weight at our site is between 20 and 25 tonnes.


Drone footage


Dauson Environmental Group categorically denies the allegations of gunshots on our site. We would suggest that the investigators confused the noise with automated ‘bird scarers’ which are deployed on site

Dauson aids Wales to 2nd in the World

Dauson Environmental Group Proudly Contributes to National Achievement


5th June 2024


Wales Secures Second Place in Global Recycling Rankings


On June 5th 2024, Wales was officially recognised as the second-best country in the world for recycling, marking a significant milestone in the nation’s environmental efforts. This outstanding achievement is attributed to the collaborative efforts of various organisations, including Dauson Environmental Group and its subsidiary, Neal Soil Suppliers, which emerged as the leading destination for recycling in Wales.

To achieve this, Neal Soil Suppliers has invested in advanced recycling systems, featuring state-of-the-art wash plant facility, to enable the efficient recovery of both hazardous and non-hazardous soil and stone, including municipal street sweeping collections. In addition to this and through its extensive network of partners, Neal Soils exemplifies the closed-loop recycling model, ensuring that new, recovered materials are reintegrated into the supply chain. Remarkably, over 95% of new materials created by Neal Soils are reused within the Southeast Wales locality.

In addition to soil and stone recovery, Dauson Environmental Group extends its recycling solutions through Atlantic Recycling. This subsidiary manages the recycling of diverse materials such as mattresses, plasterboard, and mixed household materials, further contributing to Wales’ recycling achievements


                                    Neal Soils Ranks top of Wales’s Recycling Destinations Image: WRAP Cymru


Neal Soils Ranks Top of Wales’ Recycling Destinations


David Neal, Director for Dauson Environmental, expressed his pride in the company’s contribution to Wales’ recycling success.

“As a wholly Welsh, independent company, Dauson Environmental provides a necessary avenue to ensure Welsh material is not only treated in Wales, but new materials are reused in Wales also. We are delighted to be part of the success story of Wales as a world leader in recycling.”


As part of the announcement of Wales’ achievement, Climate Change Cabinet Secretary Huw Irranca-Davies added,

This is excellent news and, with the action we are already taking, we are working towards challenging for the top spot.

In rolling out the successful approach to household recycling to our workplaces, we are also taking action to tackle the climate and nature emergency, while providing important benefits to the economy, by capturing a resilient supply of high-quality recycled materials.

This is so important for Wales because it means capturing high quality recycling that is fed back into the economy and supports creating jobs, with a high percentage staying in Wales and the wider UK for processing.

It also helps us tackle the climate and nature emergencies by reducing our carbon emissions and avoiding the need to extract raw materials with the damage they can bring.

I often talk about a Welsh way of doing things and the team effort which had led to today’s achievement is one should all be rightly proud of – da iawn Cymru!


Dauson Environmental Group has made a significant impact on the national recycling effort, contributing to approximately 5% to Wales’ total recycling volume of 920,000 tonnes. This achievement underscores the vital role that independent, local companies play in supporting Wales’ goal towards a ‘Net Zero Wales’ and we look forward to supporting this agenda with Government and our partners.

Wash Plant Upgrade Completed

Dauson Environmental Group Announces Completion of Wash Plant Extension at Neal Soil Suppliers Ltd.


25th May 2024


This month, Dauson Environmental Group are pleased to announce the completion of the wash plant extension at Neal Soil Suppliers Ltd. This significant expansion which has taken over 18 months to complete and backed by an investment of over £6 million, underscores our commitment to environmental sustainability and operational excellence, ensuring long-term reliability in processing both hazardous and non-hazardous soils.


The wash plant, which is over 15 years old, has been significantly upgraded to incorporate the latest green technologies. These improvements make our processes far more efficient and environmentally friendly, while also expanding our production capacity. The new extension allows us to transform these materials into high-quality, reusable resources, contributing to a circular economy. Key upgrades include enhanced screening capabilities and advanced cyclone extraction of sands, which significantly improve the efficiency and quality of our soil processing. This investment ensures maximum recovery of materials handled through the site, optimising resource utilisation and minimising waste.


Additionally, the expansion includes an upgraded filter cake press process, which now utilises repurposed machinery from the redundant Tower Colliery mine in Aberdare. We are delighted to see this equipment, once used within the Welsh coal industry, being given new life in a next-generation environmental initiative.


The site also enjoyed an upgrade and expansion to its bunded processing and storage site with the laying of almost 10,000 cubic meters of concrete.


David Neal, CEO of Neal Soil Suppliers Ltd, commented on the completion:

“We are thrilled to see the wash plant extension come to fruition. This investment not only enhances our operational capabilities but also reflects our commitment to sustainable practices. By incorporating new technologies, we can ensure that our processes are efficient and more environmentally friendly, while sustaining our ability to provide high-quality recycled materials for our customers”.

This project represents a major milestone for Neal Soil Suppliers Ltd and Dauson Environmental Group, reinforcing our dedication to innovative and sustainable practices within the industry.


New Aggregate

Capacity enhanced by the additional belt press repurposed from Tower Colliery

"Pride of Wales" Awards 2024

Atlantic Recycling Supports Nation Radio’s “Pride of Wales” Event 2024


Atlantic Recycling is delighted to announce its continued support for Nation Radio’s “Pride of Wales” event in 2024. As a key sponsor, Atlantic Recycling reaffirms its commitment to celebrating and recognising the outstanding achievements of individuals and organisations across Wales.

The “Pride of Wales” event, hosted annually by Nation Radio, honours those who have made significant contributions to their communities. This prestigious event highlights the dedication, courage, and extraordinary efforts of people who have gone above and beyond to make Wales a better place.

Darren Griffiths, Commercial Director for Atlantic Recycling, expressed the company’s enthusiasm for being involved in this inspiring initiative once again.

“We are proud to support Nation Radio’s ‘Pride of Wales’ event for another year. Celebrating the remarkable achievements of individuals and organisations within our community aligns perfectly with our values at Atlantic Recycling. It’s an honour to be part of recognising those who make a real difference in our society.”

Atlantic Recycling’s partnership with the “Pride of Wales” event underscores its broader commitment to social responsibility and community engagement. By supporting events that celebrate local heroes, the company not only contributes to recognising their achievements but also inspires others to take positive action within their communities.

Nation Radio’s “Pride of Wales” event will take place on 11th July 2024 at the Brangwyn Hall in Swansea, promising to be a memorable evening filled with stories of heroism, dedication, and community spirit. As the date approaches, nation radio are appealing for nominations.  All details on how you can nominate your champion can be found here.

New Community Batting Net Facility

Atlantic Recycling Supports Llandaff Cricket Club at Launch of New Community Batting Net Facility


14th May 2024


Dauson Group's Ben Maizey receiving Llandaff Shirt from Sohail Rauf (Llandaff Cricket Chairman) & Carl Alexis (Cricket Wales)

On10th May 2024, Atlantic Recycling proudly supported Llandaff Cricket Club in the launch of their new community batting net facility at Llandaff Fields, Cardiff. The event marked a significant milestone for the club, enhancing its facilities and further promoting community engagement and inclusivity.

The launch event was attended by key figures from Welsh and Local Government, Cricket Wales and other community representatives including Dauson Group. Carl Alexis from Criced Cymru/Cricket Wales praised the new facility, stating, "This is what good looks like." The sentiment was echoed by everyone present, reflecting the positive impact of the new development on the local community.

Ben Maizey from Dauson Group, presented with a framed shirt by the club in recognition of the company’s support, expressed his delight at being part of the initiative.

"What a pleasure to continue to support this wonderful club, especially in light of recent racist attacks, with the opening of a new batting net facility. A club of diversity, Llandaff Cricket Club continues to show strength and progression in unity and inclusivity. A true success story and one that we are happy to support and be part of".

The new batting net facility is expected to provide a much-needed space for players of all ages and skill levels to practice and improve their batting techniques. It stands as a testament to the club's commitment to fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone in the community.

Llandaff Cricket Club, known for its diverse membership and inclusive approach, has been a beacon of strength and unity, particularly in the face of recent challenges. The new facility not only enhances the club’s physical resources but also reinforces its dedication to promoting inclusivity and community spirit.


As part of the project, Neal Soils Suppliers provided free removal and recycling of 180 tonnes of soil and stone

Atlantic Recycling's continued annual sponsorship support for Llandaff Cricket Club underscores its commitment to community engagement and sustainability. The company’s involvement in

the launch of the new batting net facility highlights the importance of corporate support in driving positive community initiatives.

The successful launch event at Llandaff Fields was a celebration of community spirit, inclusivity, and the shared love of cricket. It showcased the collective effort of local organisations and the community in creating a supportive and enriching environment for all.


Dauson's Ben Maizey is Re-Elected

Ben Maizey Re-Elected as Chair of CIWM Wales Cymru Centre


8th May 2024


On 26th April, Ben Maizey, the Sustainability Manager at Dauson Environmental Group, was re-elected as the Chair of the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM) Cymru Wales Centre. This marks his third term of leadership for Ben, reflecting his dedication and significant contributions to the resource management industry here in Wales.

               Ben hosting CIWM Cymru Conference in March

CIWM is a leading professional body in the resource and waste management sector, committed to supporting its members in career development and facilitating opportunities for sharing best practices between organisations.


Ben Maizey’s role as Chair of the CIWM Wales Cymru Centre will focus on fostering collaboration among industry professionals and advancing sustainable waste management practices across Wales. Under his leadership, the centre aims to further enhance the professional growth of its members and promote the adoption of cutting-edge waste management strategies.

In response to his re-election, Ben Maizey expressed his gratitude and enthusiasm for the role.

“I am honoured to be re-elected as Chair of the CIWM Wales Cymru Centre. This organisation plays a crucial role in supporting professionals in our industry, and I am committed to continuing our work in promoting sustainability and best practices. Together, we can drive positive change and make significant strides in resource management.”

Ben  also extended his appreciation to Dauson Environmental Group for their unwavering support.

“I want to thank Dauson Group for allowing me the time and support to further my own professional development while having the opportunity to hopefully be a positive impact on others and the industry as a whole.”

David Neal, Director for Dauson Environmental Group, congratulated Ben on his re-election.

“Ben’s re-election as Chair of CIWM Wales Cymru Centre is a testament to his dedication and leadership in the field of . At Dauson Environmental Group, we are proud to have such a committed professional leading our sustainability initiatives and contributing significantly to the broader industry.”

Ben’s re-election is not only a personal achievement but also a positive development for the CIWM Wales Cymru Centre and the wider resource management community. His continued leadership promises to drive forward the agenda of resource innovation and ensuring Wales remains on it’s roadmap to net zero. All at Dauson Group wish him all the best in his continued work as Chair of CIWM Cymru Wales.

New Website for Dauson Group

Welcome to Dauson Environmental’s brand new site


7th May 2024


Dauson Environmental Group is delighted to announce the launch of its new website, designed to provide detailed information about our range of companies and services. The website offers a look at the group’s operations, including Atlantic Recycling, Bluefield Land, Cardiff Demolition, Enviro Savers, Neal Remediation, Neal Soil Suppliers, and Resources Management UK.

The new website serves as a resource for learning about the work being conducted across the group. It features detailed profiles of each subsidiary, highlighting their unique contributions to environmental management and sustainability. Visitors to our site can explore the various services offered, such as recycling solutions, land development, demolition services, waste management and land remediation.

In addition to showcasing the group’s technical capabilities, the website also provides updates on community engagement initiatives and sustainability commitments. This section includes news about recent projects, partnerships with local communities, and efforts to promote environmental stewardship.

David Neal, Director for Dauson Environmental Group, commented on the launch: “Our new website is a reflection of our commitment to transparency, innovation, and community involvement. We are excited to share the breadth of our work and our dedication to sustainability with a wider audience. The site not only highlights our technical expertise but also our ongoing efforts to engage with and support the communities we serve.”

Key features of the new website include:

  • Company Profiles: Detailed information about each of the group’s companies, outlining their specific services and areas of expertise.
  • Sustainability Initiatives: Insights into the group’s commitment to environmental sustainability, including information on green practices and eco-friendly projects.
  • Latest News: Regular updates on the group’s activities, achievements, and industry developments.

The new website is designed to be user-friendly, providing easy navigation and access to information for clients, partners, and the general public. It stands as a testament to Dauson Environmental Group’s dedication to excellence in environmental management and its proactive approach to sustainability and community support.

Visit the new website to learn more about Dauson Environmental Group and its subsidiaries, and to stay informed about the latest news and developments from across the group.