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At Atlantic Recycling we are leaders in Recycling & Resource Management, providing innovative and sustainable waste management solutions.

Located at the Dauson HQ in Cardiff, Atlantic Recycling operates as a fully authorised waste processing facility, handling approximately 200,000 tonnes of waste annually. Specialising in waste disposal and recycling services, Atlantic caters to a diverse clientele including commercial, industrial, retail, and private households.

Dedicated to environmental sustainability, Atlantic takes pride in its efforts to divert substantial volumes of waste away from landfills. Instead, it processes this waste into Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) and Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF). These eco-friendly fuels adhere to stringent specifications and find application in heavy industries like steel and cement manufacturing, serving as alternatives to traditional fossil fuels. This transition not only conserves natural resources but also significantly reduces carbon emissions and operational costs for these industries.

Beyond domestic operations, Atlantic extends its impact globally by exporting RDF to Europe. There, it contributes to the production of green electricity in waste-to-energy plants, further promoting renewable energy practices and mitigating environmental harm on an international scale. Waste Management Solutions.

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