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Dauson Environmental Group is a diverse collection of companies specialising in Demolition, Remediation, Construction and Resource Management.

Our integrated approach allows us to deliver comprehensive and sustainable solutions across a wide range of environmental and construction challenges.

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Our Mission

Dauson Environmental Group is committed to continuing our investment in the Welsh economy for the betterment of all. Our strategy focuses on fostering sustainable growth, creating local employment opportunities, and supporting community initiatives. By leveraging our expertise in Demolition, Remediation, Construction, and Resource Management, we aim to contribute to the long-term social, environmental, and economic prosperity and well-being of Wales.

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Our History

Founded in 1992 in Cardiff, Neal Soil Suppliers Ltd started by marketing surplus topsoil and has since grown into a major contractor in demolition, remediation, construction, and resource management. Expanding through key projects and strong partnerships, the company now operates several subsidiaries, including Atlantic Recycling and Neal Remediation, all overseen by the parent company Dauson Environmental.

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