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Resources Management Ltd were acquired by Dauson in 2022 and operate a materials recycling facility and landfill operation from their site in Haverfordwest.

A long-established business, the site processes various kerbside collected recyclates and non-recyclable materials from several local authorities including Pembrokeshire, as well recyclable, non-recyclable, and residual materials from other third-party customers.

While landfill is always last resort, it is also important to understand that there is no recycling option for certain, hazardous and non-hazardous wastes. The site is 1 of only 2 landfill sites remaining in Wales permitted for the acceptance and disposal of asbestos waste; this is conducted in a specially managed and sealed cell within the site and subject to extreme environmental regulation and operational conditions. These operations provide much needed revenue to Welsh Government in the form of landfill tax.

We are pleased to put all the previously deposited landfill waste to good use by capturing the methane which is given off during the decomposition process of the waste; the methane is used to power special gas engines which in turn, generate up to 2.3Mw of green electricity back into the grid.

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