Dauson Environmental Group Strengthens Partnership with Keltruck


1st July 2024


Dauson Environmental Group has once again chosen Keltruck to enhance our fleet.

Richard Woodland, Account Manager of Keltruck, Cardiff, facilitated the supply of new vehicles to Dauson’s South Wales-based fleets, commented,


“Thank you to Dauson Environmental Group for their continued loyalty to Keltruck and Scania. I was delighted to assist with Dauson’s further expansion by arranging the delivery of their latest batch of new trucks out of an order of 26 tippers, five hookloaders, and two skiploaders.”


The latest tippers delivered to Neal Soil Suppliers feature Scania’s new, high-level, heavy-duty air filtration system—the first of their kind supplied in the UK. Atlantic Recycling ordered the five hookloaders and two 18-ton skiploaders with drawbar couplings, all equipped with Hyva equipment fitted and serviced by Reload Systems. Additionally, Dauson Environmental Group acquired multiple tractor units, with eight Scania R500 XT twin tag tractor units going into service last year.

Dauson use in the ongoing supply of Scania vehicles by Keltruck is expected to continue, especially following the introduction of their ultra-efficient ‘Scania Super’ engines, which have already resulted in a remarkable 20% improvement in fuel efficiency, significantly enhancing operational cost-effectiveness.  In response to Keltrucks press release, Scott Haines, Transport manager for the group commented:


“We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Keltruck. The quality of the Scania vehicles and the exceptional service provided by the Keltruck team have been instrumental in our operational success. The new additions to our fleet, especially the Scania Super engines, have significantly boosted our efficiency and reduced our environmental impact. We look forward to many more years of successful collaboration.”


Click here for Keltruck’s full Press Release


This revised press release highlights the collaboration and mutual benefits between Dauson Environmental Group and Keltruck, emphasising the ongoing commitment to quality and efficiency in their operations.