Dauson Environmental Group Proudly Contributes to National Achievement


5th June 2024


Wales Secures Second Place in Global Recycling Rankings


On June 5th 2024, Wales was officially recognised as the second-best country in the world for recycling, marking a significant milestone in the nation’s environmental efforts. This outstanding achievement is attributed to the collaborative efforts of various organisations, including Dauson Environmental Group and its subsidiary, Neal Soil Suppliers, which emerged as the leading destination for recycling in Wales.

To achieve this, Neal Soil Suppliers has invested in advanced recycling systems, featuring state-of-the-art wash plant facility, to enable the efficient recovery of both hazardous and non-hazardous soil and stone, including municipal street sweeping collections. In addition to this and through its extensive network of partners, Neal Soils exemplifies the closed-loop recycling model, ensuring that new, recovered materials are reintegrated into the supply chain. Remarkably, over 95% of new materials created by Neal Soils are reused within the Southeast Wales locality.

In addition to soil and stone recovery, Dauson Environmental Group extends its recycling solutions through Atlantic Recycling. This subsidiary manages the recycling of diverse materials such as mattresses, plasterboard, and mixed household materials, further contributing to Wales’ recycling achievements


                                    Neal Soils Ranks top of Wales’s Recycling Destinations Image: WRAP Cymru


Neal Soils Ranks Top of Wales’ Recycling Destinations


David Neal, Director for Dauson Environmental, expressed his pride in the company’s contribution to Wales’ recycling success.

“As a wholly Welsh, independent company, Dauson Environmental provides a necessary avenue to ensure Welsh material is not only treated in Wales, but new materials are reused in Wales also. We are delighted to be part of the success story of Wales as a world leader in recycling.”


As part of the announcement of Wales’ achievement, Climate Change Cabinet Secretary Huw Irranca-Davies added,

This is excellent news and, with the action we are already taking, we are working towards challenging for the top spot.

In rolling out the successful approach to household recycling to our workplaces, we are also taking action to tackle the climate and nature emergency, while providing important benefits to the economy, by capturing a resilient supply of high-quality recycled materials.

This is so important for Wales because it means capturing high quality recycling that is fed back into the economy and supports creating jobs, with a high percentage staying in Wales and the wider UK for processing.

It also helps us tackle the climate and nature emergencies by reducing our carbon emissions and avoiding the need to extract raw materials with the damage they can bring.

I often talk about a Welsh way of doing things and the team effort which had led to today’s achievement is one should all be rightly proud of – da iawn Cymru!


Dauson Environmental Group has made a significant impact on the national recycling effort, contributing to approximately 5% to Wales’ total recycling volume of 920,000 tonnes. This achievement underscores the vital role that independent, local companies play in supporting Wales’ goal towards a ‘Net Zero Wales’ and we look forward to supporting this agenda with Government and our partners.